Meal Planning – With free gift!

Another great way to save money is simply through planning meals.

If you plan every meal and write down a shopping list to accommodate all the ingredients you will need, you will find that you are not buying more than necessary.

Use this as a helpful way to keep to your budget and reduce your weekly costs.

I’ve included a useful meal planner that you can print out and use to cover all your meals and snacks this week.  To access it please follow this link.

As an aside, if you have been thinking about starting a diet, this may be a great time to do it.  As you plan your healthy meals and don’t buy chocolate/crisps this week you will find that you will be able to stick to your diet better without the temptation of snacks lying around.

Now go be awesome!




Many people live in a state of desperation rather than hope.
People are desperate for change, desperate for the impossible to happen.
We play the lottery, desperately attempting to change our financial status quo by spending money on games of luck that offer little to no chance of winning.

The truth is this: if you want your financial future to change for the better then you need make your own luck. You need to do a bit more than spending your hard earned money on a lottery ticket or the next get rich quick scheme.

Your income is your greatest wealth building asset.
If you are willing to sacrifice some time, you can use this to change your current financial standing.

I know how easy it is to turn down overtime, but this really is one of the simplest ways to earn extra income as it doesn’t involve learning any new skills, has less of an effect on your taxes (at least here in the UK) and is also a familiar working environment.

Speak to your manager or supervisor and explain that you are interested in any overtime that may be available in the near future.
Ask them to call you first for any emergency overtime that may come up or even if any future overtime needs to be planned.
Supervisors, like most of us, will always take the easy route when completing a task. If their task is to find someone to do some overtime and they know that you are reliable and will usually accept it, they will phone you first rather than risk wasting time on calls to people who will turn them down.

If you are willing to work a couple of extra shifts/ days a month you’ll find that it does have an enormous impact on your monthly income.

Stop wasting money on desperation.

Instead, change your destiny and dream big!


Cutting Costs

The quickest way to cut expenses and save money is to make a “zero-dollar” budget.

A zero-dollar budget is when you spend all your money on paper at the start of the month when your pay comes in so that you know exactly how much you can spend on any item or category of items.

This means that you have total control over your money.

You can tell your money where to go rather than sit there at the end of the month wondering where it went.

I’d like to give you a free gift today; a budgeting template which will allow you to complete a budget relatively quickly every month.

I promise you that If you stick to your spending plan, it will feel like you have had a pay rise!

Please click here, to download your free budget spread sheet.

See you soon,


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Emergencies happen.

They are unpredictable, unexpected and invariably expensive.

The only certainty we have in relation to unexpected emergencies is that they will happen.

At some point the car will break down, or the washing machine will stop working or the wind will blow tiles off the roof… Emergencies will happen.

The question is not whether they will happen but rather how will you be affected when they do.

Will you rely on your credit card and go further into debt or do you have a plan.

Personally I would recommend having £1000 put aside for exactly these occasions. That way you will not have to borrow money and pay extortionate interest rates to a bank for the privilege of dealing with your own emergency…

Take back control.

Set up an emergency fund.



Nowadays almost everyone needs a car.

What we don’t need is the newest car, the flashiest car or the most expensive car.

We have invested too much money into paying for more than we need.

We take out loans that take away our expendable income in order to pay for a car that gets us from A to B just as well as a car that costs less than a quarter of the price.

We have fallen for the lie that we will save money on fuel consumption while paying ever increasing interest on loans, leases and hire purchase payments.

Why not do what millionaires do? Save up and buy a car you can afford. Keep saving and within a short time you’ll be able to afford an excellent second hand car without having to pay interest or being in debt to anyone else.

The choices is yours!

Three Principles

I focus on three simple principles for tackling debt and, whilst they are simple, they are not always easy.

They are:

1. Stop the debt.
2. Minimise Expenditure.
3. Maximise Income.

They should be targeted in that order.

As soon as you put a stop to debt growing you have already won part of the battle. You are now no longer sinking and instead are swimming towards the surface, swimming towards victory.

Once you have done this (and this is often the hardest step despite being potentially the quickest to do…) Then you can start focusing on using what you have to start reading into your debt…

That’s when the excitement begins!


The Beginning


Every journey begins with a dream.

A desire to reach a destination as yet not seen.

A longing for the unknown to become known.

This is where we should start.

Take a few moments to vividly imagine living debt free.

What would you do with the extra income you would have without the debt repayments?

Where would you live?

How would you feel?

As you imagine these things, let the image play over and over in your mind and allow the dream to feel real.

The more you concentrate on making this dream a reality, the more focused you will be.

More focus means more intentionality and this leads to positive steps towards your ultimate victory.

So write down your dream and read your description every day until it becomes less of a dream and more of a future reality…