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Today is the official launch of The 21 Day Debt Revolution and for the next five days it is completely free!

The time really has come to join the revolution!

Between 29th December and 2nd January, The 21 Day Debt Revolution is completely free!

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Hope you enjoy it and make 2015 the year you changed your life!





Christmas has come.

This is the time of year when Christians all over the world celebrate the fact that God sent his son into the world as a gift to humanity.

He came to teach the world a better way of living.

He began the first true love revolution, fighting oppression with love, defeating darkness with love.

Ultimately, he paid the price for humanity’s wrong doing.  He paid off our debt with his life.

This Christmas, wouldn’t it be great if you were able to do a similar thing for someone else?

Maybe you have disposable income and could help pay someone’s electricity bill.  Or their gas bill.

Maybe you could pay for someone’s weekly shop.

Or you could donate to CAPuk, a charity that works to help get people out of debt.

Or you could gift this book to someone you know.

Or use it yourself so that next year at Christmas you will be in a position to give more generously than you ever have before.

After all, Christmas is not a time for receiving, but a time when we celebrate the start of the Revolution that brought us our freedom.


Free activities

During the holidays, as fun as it is to not have to do the school run in the morning(!) the fact that the children are at home can very quickly lead to added expense in the form of expensive activities.

Before you know it the day’s entertainment has added £20 here or £15 there to simply stop you from losing your mind as a parent and to stop the little monsters, sorry, little monkeys, from crawling the walls and destroying the house…

But what can be done that costs little to no money?

The best way to find out what your children would enjoy is to ask them.  This will not only provide you with fresh ideas that you may not have considered but will also ensure that the activities you decide to do with them are actually activities they want to do!

So you may find yourself crafting, making christmas cards or simply colouring.

Or you may find yourself going out to the park, going for walks, going for swims in the sea (at least in the Southern Hemisphere!) or anything else they suggest.

Just remember, it won’t be how much you spent on them that they remember later on, but the time you spent.

So go make some memories that will outlast anything that money can buy!


For more money saving ideas and to help you get out of debt, please take a look at our new book, The 21 Day Debt Revolution, available for pre-order now from Amazon.  Both in the US and in the UK.



Christmas time is coming.

In the USA they have just celebrated Thanksgiving when people remember the things they are thankful for.

Today I want to discuss giving.

Giving doesn’t seem to be a great way to pay off debt, or make money or minimise expenditure but if you were to ask many rich people about what the most important part of their financial planning is, they would say “giving” or charity.  I’m talking Richard Branson, Bill Gates, Dave Ramsey, etc.

The truth is this:  if you are intent on only making money for yourself you may one day end up with enough money to buy anything you want.  You may no longer need to be worried about having enough, but I guarantee that if you are not in the habit of using your money to help others, you will become obsessed with it.  You will become tight fisted and stingy.  You will eventually get to a point where hoarding money will become the one thing you most desire in the world and this preoccupation will consume you and while you may eventually die wealthy, you will not be happy.

Bill Gates has given away the vast majority of his fortune and has used his money to help more people on this planet than my people could ever dream of.  He gave up his company in order to dedicate his time to helping people.

I think he is probably a very happy man.

So, get into the habit of giving now, while you still have little to give, so that as you start earning more and having more disposable income, your giving will increase and change even more people’s lives!

Merry Christmas!


P.S:  One great way of giving to others would be to support CAP, a Christian charity that helps people get out of debt.  Find out more here:

Alternatively you could gift The 21 Day Debt Revolution to someone who needs help getting out of debt.

I would rather you donated to CAP though.




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