Free activities

During the holidays, as fun as it is to not have to do the school run in the morning(!) the fact that the children are at home can very quickly lead to added expense in the form of expensive activities.

Before you know it the day’s entertainment has added £20 here or £15 there to simply stop you from losing your mind as a parent and to stop the little monsters, sorry, little monkeys, from crawling the walls and destroying the house…

But what can be done that costs little to no money?

The best way to find out what your children would enjoy is to ask them.  This will not only provide you with fresh ideas that you may not have considered but will also ensure that the activities you decide to do with them are actually activities they want to do!

So you may find yourself crafting, making christmas cards or simply colouring.

Or you may find yourself going out to the park, going for walks, going for swims in the sea (at least in the Southern Hemisphere!) or anything else they suggest.

Just remember, it won’t be how much you spent on them that they remember later on, but the time you spent.

So go make some memories that will outlast anything that money can buy!


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