The Interview

Since releasing the book, things have been very interesting.

I have had an interview with a popular blog by a fellow author named Luke Strickland.  He recently wrote an excellent book called Life Space. (I will be interviewing Luke over the next couple of weeks so do keep an eye out for that.)Life Space

In it he talks about making space for your dreams to grow and as one of the things that most stifles dream growth is debt we found a synergy in which our topics complemented each other and consequently he asked me to be interviewed for his site.

It was a privilege and an honour to be interviewed, so thank you Luke for the opportunity – do check out the interview here.

I have also been speaking to a voice artist who has agreed to narrate The 21 Day Debt Revolution for an audiobook version.  He has an amazing voice and once everything is in place I’ll be able to reveal all, so do watch this space!

It’s great to see people’s dreams becoming reality, so whatever your dreams are for this year, I hope and pray that you overcome any obstacles that you may be facing and take steps towards making them a reality!


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