Life Space

I recently had the pleasure of speaking to Luke Strickland, author of Life Space. Luke Selfie

Luke has a passion for seeing people finding the spaces in their life where they can allow their dreams to grow.  In his book he talks about how he has been able to do this, along with some great ideas as to how we can each do the same.

I certainly found it very helpful and have been finding all those little spaces, the moments between the minutes, the gaps in the busy where my dreams can flourish and grow.

Luke gave up some of his time to answer our questions:

J.A.Scott:  Tell us a little about yourself.
Luke Strickland: My name’s Luke, I’m an enthusiast about being creative in all different forms, whether that’s writing, playing music, growing things or making things in my workshop. I have a wonderful wife and two energetic kids, along with two fish, two cats and a Guide Dog puppy we’re fostering!


JAS:  In your book you talk about finding space in your life to let your dreams grow.  How do you find space in your life? 
LS: It’s not easy that’s for sure! I work full time, I have small kids, I have various other commitments – carving out time for anything can be a challenge! Personally I’ve had to learn the discipline of saying no to things – it’s easy to fill our lives up with other people’s priorities, and without being selfish sometimes we need to recognise that. Secondly I think you have to get into a habit of taking small regular steps rather than occasional giant leaps – for me an example of that was committing to write a blog every week.
JAS:  What do you think hinders people, stopping them from allowing their dreams to grow or from chasing their dreams?
LS: That’s a tough question. It can be lots of things – I don’t think that many people set out NOT to chase their dreams, life just kinda happens around them. Feeling like you don’t have permission could be one element, or fears about rejection or how much it will cost. Sometimes people just feel like they can’t do it on their own – that’s why it can be really important to surround yourself with people who will encourage you and support you as you step out. Personally I just started working full time then sort of “woke up” ten years in realising that I’d put lots of dream on hold – literally gathering dust on the shelf. 
JAS:  Big one now: What’s your greatest dream?
LS: Wow that is a big question! I’d love to be able to support my family through my writing and creativity whilst helping people along the way to be the best expression of who they’ve been made to be. Writing a New York Times bestseller would be fun along the way. That’s two things so cheating really… I’m not sure I have one big dream just lots of little ones!
JAS: What’s next in the pipeline for Luke Strickland, the author?
LS: I’m in the process of writing three books actually! One is a sequel to my book Life Space, about turning dreams into a compelling vision. The other two are about connecting with the environment in different ways… watch this space!
Thank you, Luke,  for taking the time to talk to us.
If you want to to find out more about Luke, then do visit his blog or take a look at his book.
I was very inspired by Luke’s book and I think you will be too.
Take a few minutes today and allow yourself the space to dream big.
If debt is stopping you from letting your dreams grow, then take a look at my book The 21 Day Debt Revolution and kickstart your future today.  With debt taking up less space in your life, you may just find the time to dream…

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