How Getting Married may be Dangerous for your Financial Future


Getting married is one of the best things that you could choose to do.  Making that public commitment to the person you love the most.  To the person without whom you could not live.  It is life-affirming and completely transformational.

And it could completely mess up your financial future.

You see, for so many people, getting married involves a massive wedding.  And I mean MASSIVE.

Young couples spend literally tens of thousands on one single day.

“But it’s the most important day of our lives!” I hear them say as they max out their credit cards on hiring a car that will drive them for twenty minutes.

“It’s the wedding I’ve always dreamed of!”  I hear others exclaim, as they take out another loan to cover the cost of bridesmaids dresses and fanciful floral arrangements.

“You can’t have a cheap wedding!” say others as they increase their overdraft yet again…

Here’s the truth though: No one remembers the expense.

I have been to weddings that have spared no expense and to weddings that were done on a shoestring and I am yet to experience a wedding that I did not enjoy.

If your friends are coming to your wedding, it is because they want to support you and celebrate with you on the most important day of your life.  They want to watch you throw the bouquet.  They want to watch you kiss your spouse as husband and wife for the first time.

They want to laugh with you and cry with you and dance and sing with you.

And in twenty years when you celebrate your 20th Anniversary you will look back and I can guarantee that what you will remember is not the venue or the food or the expensive waiters or entertainment.

What you will remember are the friends who were there and the love that you felt.

Don’t let getting married put you in debt.

Don’t let your wedding day cripple your chances of having a flourishing financial future.

Dream big and plan well and let your wedding day be the beginning of the best days of your lives.

If you would like some help with financial planning for married couples, then don’t hesitate to check out The Newlyweds’ Guide to Money on Amazon.


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