Money and Marriage

I realise that I have not updated this blog for some time.

I promise I will be returning with more regular updates soon.  I have been busy writing and am ready to reveal the cover to my newest book!

Take a look:

Newlyweds Guide Final Cover


This is considerably longer than The 21 Day Debt Revolution and I am very pleased with it.  I hope you will be too.

Stay posted for more news on the imminent launch date!



The emotion of money.


As my friends and family know, I’m a bit of a serial dieter.  My weight has been an issue ever since I hit my late teens.  It tends to fluctuate up and down.

The only positive that can be gained from that is that I have learnt a lot about different diets and nutrition.

But what does this have to do with finances?

Well, most diets will teach that you have to remove the emotional element from eating. Eating is not there to support any kind of emotional need.  It is purely fuel and therefore, once that is ingrained in your thinking, dieting (allegedly!) becomes easier.

Money is exactly the same. Lots of people have an emotional attachment to money, viewing it as either positive or negative.

Ultimately money is simply an object that you need to choose how to use. It is neither good nor evil.  Many people get too hung up on the emotions associated with spending or saving money, which ultimately leads to failed budgets, overspending or miserly, tight-fisted behaviour.

It is important to get over this attachment and the simplest way to do this is to budget and learn to rely on your own forward planning and control rather than on the emotions that come from your personal attachment to money.

If you own my book, The 21 Day Debt Revolution, I describe the simplest system of budgeting in Day 20. If you would like to change your financial position, I would recommend that you complete the budget on day 5 and then have a quick read of Day 20 and use the Envelope system from the get go.

This will make you think about your spending much more.

Just remember, it’s you who controls your money not the other way around.

J A Scott

Flash Sale


Hey everyone, my book is being featured in a flash sale at Buck Books today for just 99 cents! If you’ve been wanting to pick up my book, now’s the time. 

The sale lasts just until the end of the day. 

For those who’ve read my book and love it, now’s the perfect time to share it with others while it’s just 99 cents. 

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So I had a coffee with my mum today.

I don’t go out for coffee that often, but I was dropping her at the train station to travel home and as we were early we decided to go for coffee and a toasted sandwich in one of the ubiquitous coffee shop chains…

I had a coffee.  She had a hot chocolate.

We both had a sandwich.


Yep. £12.10.

On this occasion she was paying, so no problem on my behalf, but she paid it without really thinking about it at all.  And this got me thinking.

Why are we willing to pay £3 ($5) for a coffee, without even thinking about it, but unwilling to pay even half that amount on an electronic download such as an ebook?

One provides us with about 20 minutes of taste sensation and gets us fired up for the day, whilst the other could provide us with several hours of entertainment, or knowledge that will stay with us for a lifetime.

And my point is not that we should be buying ebooks instead of coffee.

My point is that we should think more about what we buy.

This is why one of the strategies in my book is to write down everything that you buy.  Dieters who keep a food diary lose more weight than those who don’t.

It’s about becoming more aware of what you are buying and making good choices with your money.

If you were to buy a coffee every day of the week, five times a week, at about £3 a go, over the year you would end up paying £780 ($1,182).  That’s a holiday.

That’s a new Apple computer.

That’s a (cheap) car.

That’s your credit card bill paid.

So, this week, why not take one of these:

Costa Cup

Or one of these:



And instead of buying a coffee, why not put 3 £1  coins (or a $5 bill) in the cup.

Do this every time you would usually buy a coffee and at the end of the month, use that money to buy something that will last.

Have a great day.


PS:  Don’t forget to check out for information on my latest book and other new releases.  (All for less than the cost of a cup of coffee!)

The Bestseller.

Great news! In the last two days since The 21 Day Debt Revolution came off the free promo it has become a No.1 Bestseller on Amazon!


Now, don’t get me wrong, I like the fact that the book is selling as this will allow me to spend more time writing and working on some other exciting related projects (more on those over the coming weeks…)

However, the main thing that excites me about these sales is the fact that this book could be helping so many people!

During the 5-day free promotion over 2400 people downloaded the book and since then it has continued being downloaded.

I feel honoured and privileged that so many people are interested and believe in this program.

For me, this is what brings me satisfaction as an author; the fact that something I have created is being used by people to help them change their own futures for the better.

I pray that as people stick with the program and see how much progress can be made in such a short time, that more and more people become debt free and that the culture around debt, as a way of life, changes.

My dream is to see nations of people who have defeated debt so that bank loans become a thing of the past.

This is my dream.

This is the revolution.


If you want to find out more about the book, please follow these links:

For the UK click here.

For the US and other nations, please click here.


Christmas has come.

This is the time of year when Christians all over the world celebrate the fact that God sent his son into the world as a gift to humanity.

He came to teach the world a better way of living.

He began the first true love revolution, fighting oppression with love, defeating darkness with love.

Ultimately, he paid the price for humanity’s wrong doing.  He paid off our debt with his life.

This Christmas, wouldn’t it be great if you were able to do a similar thing for someone else?

Maybe you have disposable income and could help pay someone’s electricity bill.  Or their gas bill.

Maybe you could pay for someone’s weekly shop.

Or you could donate to CAPuk, a charity that works to help get people out of debt.

Or you could gift this book to someone you know.

Or use it yourself so that next year at Christmas you will be in a position to give more generously than you ever have before.

After all, Christmas is not a time for receiving, but a time when we celebrate the start of the Revolution that brought us our freedom.