The Quickest and Simplest Way to Get Out of Debt

It is so easy for debt to grow into what appears to be Mount Everest.  An insurmountable climb, with no end in sight.

We look at our debt and all we can see are the many, many zeros on the end of our statements.  And always printed in red…

We assume that it will take years and years to pay it all off, disappointment and depression sets in and we take out our credit card, buy ourselves something to cheer us up and forget about it for another day.

And as we do, the mountain grows and the cycle goes on…

But what if I told you that there is a simple way to get out of debt that won’t take you years and years to do?

It doesn’t involve shady companies, offering you paid-for-services that will get you out of debt in five years, while they quickly profit from your financial mistakes.

All it involves is determination and a little hard work.

So, here goes:

1.  Identify your goal – Write down exactly how much debt you have.  You need to know exactly where you are right now so that you can work out exactly what you need to do.

2.  Stop your debt – Cut up your credit cards and make sure that there are no direct debits or recurring transactions due to come off your cards.  The debt can’t grow any more.

3.  Set up an Emergency Fund – Open a savings account where you will save up to £1000.  This is for use in emergencies only.  Work some overtime, sell some stuff, just make sure you save up £1000 as quickly as possible.

4.  Create a Budget – Spend all your money on paper before you spend it for real.

5.  Use the Snowball Method – Pay off your debts, small to large, overpaying as much as you can afford.

If you follow this simple five step plan, you will be out of debt much quicker than you might expect.

Is it easy?  Not always.

Will you have to make sacrifices?  Of course you will, but a victory without sacrifice is no victory at all.

Can you do it?  Absolutely.

If you would like a more concrete plan to help you create life-changing habits and that will place you firmly on the path to debt-free victory, then please check out my book The 21 Day Debt Revolution.  Not only does the book give you a 21 day plan to get out of debt, but it also provides you with access to The Freedom Fighters Toolkit, a toolkit that will help you harness the power of habit and will give you a great advantage in your battle against debt.

Grab you copy from Amazon now!


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